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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

PostHeaderIcon Legend of Kamandaka (Lutung Kasarung)


(Lutung Kasarung)

In West Java in the days of yore there was a great Hindu Kingdom and strong enough, which is centered in the city of Bogor. The kingdom is a kingdom "Pajajaran", at the time of the king who ruled King Siliwangi. He is very old and was intended to raise the Son crown as his successor.

Siliwangi King had three sons and one daughter from two Consort, the first empress who had two sons namely: Cotro and Many Many Ngampar. But when Cotro and Many Many Ngampar young mother had died.

So, King eventually remarry Siliwangi with the second empress, namely Kumudaningsih. At the time taken to Kumuudangingsih Goddess Empress by King Siliwangi, he made a covenant, that if one day he had a son of man, then that must putranyalah became king in meggantikan Pajajaran.

From his marriage with Goddess Kumudaningsih, Silliwangi King has a son and a daughter, namely: Many Pamungkas Blabur and Goddess.

One day, King called the Son crown Siliwangi, Cotro and Many Many Blabur to face, King Siliwangi intention is to appoint his son to become king in place because he had Pajajaran lajut age.

But the second son of the crown that no one would be appointed to be king of Padjadjaran. Many of his eldest son as Clark filed several reasons, among others, the reason is:

• To order the kingdom he's not ready, because not enough science.

• To order the kingdom of a king should be there with him the Empress, while many unmarried Cotro.

Many Cotro said that he had married when he met with a daughter of her face like her mother. Therefore Cotro Many ask permission to leave the kingdom Pajajaran to mencaari daughter who became his dreams ..

Many departure from the Kingdom of Pajajaran Cotro through Tangkuban Perahu mountain, to face a pastor who held there. The priest is Ki Winarong Ajar, a powerful priest and knows to marry the daughter of the idamkannya dream can be achieved.

But there are several requirements that must be performed and fulfilled by many Cotro, which must be removed and dress menaggalkan all of the kingdom with only the clothes ordinary people. And he must be disguised under the pseudonym "Raden Kamandaka"

After Raden Kamandaka walked for days from Tangkuban Perahu eastward, then came Raden Kamandaka Sand Luhur kewilayah Duchy.

Coincidentally Raden Luhur Kamandaka to Sand, the Regent betemu Duchy of Sand Luhur Reksonoto Patih. Because elderly Reksonoto Patih mempuunyai no children, then finally made Radenn Kamandaka adopted Patih Reksonoto feel very proud and happy to have her son Raden Kamandaka Raise the gallant and handsome, so loving saangat Patih Reksonoto.

The Duchy of which commands Luhur Sand is "Adi Pati Kanandoho". He had a few people already married daughter and the youngest but the goddess of unmarried Ciptoroso. Ciptoroso Goddess is a daughter who had a face like a mother raden Kamandaka, and this lady was looking oeh yng Kamandaka Raden.

A habit of the Duchy of Sand Luhur that every year a ceremony in time to catch fish Logawa. At this ceremony all the family Luhur Duchy of Sand and his superiors and the government share pejabatan fishing at times Logawa.

At the time Patih ceremony Reksonoto go fishing at times Logawa, without knowing Raden Kamandaka secretly had followed him from behind. On this occasion, Raden Kamandaka can meet Goddess Ciptoroso and they both fell in love.

At the request of the Goddess Ciptoroso to Raden Kamandaka in the evening to meet Goddess Ciptoroso dating in garden sand Duchy Kaputren Goddess Ciptoroso Luhur place to be. It is true that night Raden Kamandaka quietly without permission Resonoto meek, he went to meet Goddess Ciptoroso already miss waiting Kamandaka Raden.

But Raden Kamandaka presence in the Garden Goddess Kaputren Together Ciptoroso not last long. Because suddenly Kaputren soldier knows that the park daalam thief who entered adaa. This was then later reported by Adipatih Kandandoho.

Responding to these reports, the Adipatih very angry and ordered to capture praajuritnya these peencuri. Because the power of science aptitude daan owned by Raden Kamandaka, then Raden Kamandaka can escape the cordon of soldiers Sand Luhur.

Before Kamandaka Raden Kaputren Park daari qualify, he could say his identity. That he named Kamandaka Raden Reksonoto son of Vice Regent.

It heard inii in olehh soldiers, and report to Adipatih Kandandoohho. Hearing Reksonoto Patih innii then was summoned, and must surrender his son. Was carried out by Perintaah Patih Reksonoto, although in his heart is very heavy. Sehimgga with Reksonoto Patih daari strategy, it can run Kamandaka Raden daan daaripengejaran the soldiers survived.

Raden Kamandaka plunged into the river and dive into the flow of river water. By Patih Reksonoto and the soldiers in pursuit,, dilapoprkan that Kamandaka Raden said to have died in sugai. Hearing this news Adipatih Kandandoho felt relieved and satisfied. Ciptoroso Goddess Nmun otherwise after hearing the news that it is very somber and sad.

Raden Kamandaka dive along with the flow of the river met with the fishing in a river. The person named Rekajaya, Raden Rekajaya daan Kamandaka good friends and then settled in the village Panagih. In this village Raden Kamandaka adopted by Mbok Kektosuro, a poor widow in the village tersebbut.

Raden Kamandaka been a fan of cockfighting. Incidentally Mbok has Reksonoto rooster named "Mercu". In each chicken Raden Penyabungan Kamandaka always win in the game, then Raden Kamandaka be very popular as chicken botoh.

This gets around the kingdom Sand saampai Luhur, hear this Adipatih Kandadoho become angry and furious. He ordered his soldiers to grasp life or death Raden Kamandaka.

At that moment a sudden there came a handsome young man claims to be called "Silihwarni" who will devote themselves to the Sand Luhur, so he accepted his request, but if he should be killed Raden Kamandaka. To prove it he must take the blood and liver Raden Kamandaka.

Actually Silihwarni is a pseudonym. The name was actually the Son of Ngampar Many kejajaan Pajajaran, the younger brother of Raden Kamandaka.

He was by his father, King Siliwangi assigned to search for siblings who have long gone yet again. To overcome the disruption in the way, he provided heirloom kris Kujang Pamungkas as a weapon. And he also disguised with Silihwarni name, and dress like ordinary people.

Because he heard the news that his brother was in the Duchy of Sand Luhur, so he went there. After Silihwarni orders daari Adipatih, he went with some soldiers and followed dogs to the village of Karang area, where Penyabungan chicken.

This place they met. But they had not known anymore. Silihwari dressed as usual raknyat Raden Kamandaka while dressed as a chicken botoh, and his face pale from holding kernduan to his beloved.

Persabungan seizure occurs Kamandaka and Silihwarni Raden, without realizing kamandaka raden suddenly stabbed Silihwrni waist with kris Kamandaka Raden Kujang Pamungkasnya. Because it cuts the keris darahpun out by rain. But because Raden Kamandaka dexterity, she began to get away from danger and where he can escape the village was called Brobosan, which means he can escape from danger.

Because the wound is bleeding heavily, then she began to break somewhere, so the place was called Bancran. Raden Kamandaka flight continued Silihwarni and chased by soldiers. At one place Raden Kamandaka tracer can catch the dog and then place it on him the name of the village of Karang Dogs.

Raden Kamandaka kept running towards the east and arrived at a dead end and he gave this place a village name stuck. Raden Kamandaka eventually reached disebuah Goa. In this cave he was resting and hiding from the pursuit Silihwarni. Silihwarni who continue to pursue the cave until he lost track. Then Silihwarnipun from the mouth of the cave called Raden Kamandaka challenging.

After hearing tantagan Silihwarni, Raden Kamandaka he replied saying his identity, that he was the son of the royal Cotro Many Pajajaran name.

After that identity Silihwarnipun said that he was also the son of the Kingdom of Pajajaran, named Many Ngampar. So ayang words between Raden Kamandaka recognition and that they are Silihwarni Pajajaran purta, then the people who hear the name of the version 2, for those Jatijajar caves. Then they both berpeluka and forgive each other.

However, due to take evidence Silihwarni heart and blood Kamandaka Raden, then finally cut tracer dog blood drawn and his heart. It is said that it is the heart and blood that Kamandaka Raden had killed.

Raden Kamandaka then meditated in the cave and get a clue, that the intention to marry Goddess Ciptoroso be achieved if he had got the clothes "Javan" and he was told to get closer to the Duchy of Sand Luhur, namely to settle in the forest Batur Agung, southwest of the rock Raden.

A favorite of Sand Luhur Adipatih is hunting. On one day, and all his family Adipatih hunt, suddenly met with a very large monkey and tame. Who finally catch the monkeys are alive.

As will be brought home, suddenly came Rekajaya it is claimed that the pet monkey, and told beredia help treat if the monkeys would be kept at Duchy. And the request was granted.

Having reached the Duchy of daughters fought to keep the monkeys. During the Duchy of these monkeys will not fed. Therefore ultimately by the Adipatih monkeys disayembarakan ie if any of his daughter seoraang can feed the monkeys and accepted by those it is who will maintain these monkeys.

It turned out that the food received by the monkeys are merely food from Ciporoso Goddess, the 'Javan Kasarung "domestic goddess became Ciptoroso. At night, the monkeys are transformed into Kamandaka Raden. Goddess Ciptoroso that only knows about these things. By day he turned into monkeys again. So the situation has become very goddess of joy and happiness, which is always accompanied by Kasarung monkeys.

Once on a day of Nusa Kambangan raden King Discuss Pule told to woo Patihnya Youngest Daughter Goddess Duchy Ciptoroso Luhur Sand and threatened when he refused pinangannya will destroy the Duchy of Sand Luhur.

At the suggestion and request of King Javan Kasarung Pule Discuss the proposal in order to receive it. But there are some conditions fulfilled by the king haarus Discuss Pule. One is in a meeting later Lutung Kasarung wedding must accompany the Goddess Ciporoso participate.

At the time the meeting took place the wedding, King Pule Discuss always disturbed by Javan Kasarung who always accompanied Ciptoroso Goddess. Therefore King Pule Discuss angry and hit Lutung Kasarung. However Lutung Kasarung ready to fight against King Pule Discuss.

Discuss the battle with King Javan Pule Kasarung happen very exciting. But because the power of the luung Kasarung, finally killed the King Pule Discuss strangled and bitten by Javan Kasarung.

Discuss Pule when King was killed then the Javan Kasarung instantly transformed into Kamandaka Raden, and direct mengenkan Pajajaran Kejajaan dress and claimed his name Many Cotro. Sand Adipatih Luhur now knows the truth is Kamandaka and Raden Raden Kamandaka is Cotro and Many Many are Lutung Kasarung Cotro crown prince of the kingdom Pajajaran. And finally she mated with a goddess Ciptoroso.

However, due to defects Raden's Kamandaka cockfighting during the taxable kris Silihwarni Kujang Raden Kamandaka Pamungkas then can not replace the king of Padjadjaran.

Because Pajajaran imperial tradition, that the crown prince who would replace the king should not be handicapped because Kujang Pamungkas heritage. So after he was married to the Goddess Ciptoroso, Raden Kamandaka can only be in the Sand Luhur Adipatih Replacing in-law. While the King is a lot of Pajajaran Blabur

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