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Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

PostHeaderIcon Pulaki (a legend from bali)

Pulaki is a legend

Pulaki often associated with a popular legend among the people of Bali are Jayaprana story of a young man who died precisely because it has a beautiful wife nan charming. This story is believed really happened because there was grave, located in the area Pulaki. I Nyoman Jayaprana so the full name of the boy who came from the village Kalianget. A handsome young man nan always charming every girl's dream to meet him. Lucky girl finally by the Arjuna dipersunting Jayaprana named Ni Nyoman Nyoman Layonsari.

Narrated that Nyoman Layonsari also is every young girl's dream is to see him. No less rat ngawa aka The King was put to Ni Layonsari heart. Every morning the king went up to the tower that was in bancingah. From there the King looked at the markets in which many girls lalulalang who sell or shop at the market. Of the many who passed only one that is pleasing in the heart of the King, he was the Ni Nyoman Layonsari. But the King defeated quickly by I Nyoman Jayaprana. The girl fell into kepelukan Jayaprana lively wife who promised death. The King desires can not be dammed, so make an effort to get rid of Nyoman Jayaprana. Through a messenger, the king asked Jayaprana to fight an enemy who is said to have been in the woods to the west. Accompanied by a Patih Sawunggaling, Nyoman Jayaprana finally leave despite warnings from his wife who had a hunch is not good. Nyoman Jayaprana convince his wife would not happen but if he does not go back and smell very fragrant then it means that his soul was headed to the bye and bye.

That's about the story and finally Nyoman Jayaprana in direct buried in the forest where he was killed. Tombs Jayaprana also not less popular and often get visits from the people of Bali in particular.

First place is now called the Tombs Jayaprana in front on the sidewalk fixed name "PURA PESIMPANGAN Wawu PADANDA SAKTI RAUH" and the rest are sorry we do not know the origin of this name. But in Tirta Yatra we want to tell me not to include it.

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